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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
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Game News
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Hi all,

With sadness, I regret to announce that Circle of Avatars will officially be going offline in the near future. I have instructed Gremirn to begin looking for a new guild for the 10-12 of us that are still active, in hopes that we can find a group of people to play with that will see us through Denova, and into the new content. In preparation for this, I will be going through the guild roster and removing long inactive players, and trying to get a firm number on the headcount we will communicate to prospective guilds.

With F2P on the horizon and lack of activity, many players are voicing their frustration and people have begun to leave the game with tremendous dissatisfaction. This has affected our little family in a negative manner, and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to coordinate content runs for the group of us. Please understand, I am not frustrated, or disappointed, I just need to ensure I do the best for the handful of us that are still active, so we can continue to 1) play together when the opportunity arises, and 2) rely on a larger pool of players we can join to help us acheive the ultimate goal - destroying raid bosses.

I have discussed this with most of you now, and we've come to a concensus that this is the right step to take. Now its just a matter of deciding on the type of guild we will choose, and our fit, for the offerings out there.

Thank you for a wonderful run! Thank you for all the good laughs! And, thank you for making my experience playing this game so much fun, and highly rewarding! I owe the success we have acheived, to all of you!

Humbly and forever your servant,

Kaeleb Darkseer
Knight of the Old Republic
Guild News

CoA hits it's newest Milestone!!!

Kaeleb, Jun 27, 12 10:14 PM.

High-fives all the way around to the Tuesday night raid crew! WE BEAT EV on NIGHTMARE mode! That's a helluva wicked accomplishment folks! And we only JUST BARELY missed the timer for the acheivement! I think we got this in the bag, team!

Crew on hand for victory were: Alvarez, Azaar, Cronion, Gremirn, Kaeleb, Pateh, Saintjames, and Shadei. Wicked heals were managed by Shadei and our newest all-star healer Saintjames. Wicked tanking maneuvers by our newest tank, Azaar. The DPS crew, as usual, went ballz-out beating the living hell outta bosses!

Good job boys and girl!

Kaeleb Darkseer
Knight of the Old Republic

CoA puts EV HM on FARM Status!!!

Kaeleb, May 23, 12 1:03 AM.
Well folks!

Huge pat on the back goes out to the crew for a spectacular performance in EV Hard Mode tonight. It's safe to say we have now put it on Farm status with our 4th consecutive victory, and this one with the added difficulty of completing it with 2 pugs!

Crew on hand tonight included: Alvarez, Bera (Furious), Cronion, Kaeleb, Lexine (In-Between Guilds ATM), Shadei, Shampoo, and Xann. Way to go team! On to the gear collecting as we build towards Denova.

Kaeleb Darkseer
Knight of the Old Republic

CoA and Associates BEAT Karaggas Palace (HARD MODE)!

Kaeleb, May 14, 12 2:39 AM.
Hey Guild!

Big shout outs going out to the crew for once again defeating EV on Hard Mode, and then continuing on and smoking Karagga himself on Hard Mode!

For EV we had, for the first time and making his Hard Mode Debut, Tenara, who graciously respecced to DPS so that we could get a group off the ground. Thanks a bunch Tenara and congratz on the EV Hard Mode Codex! Members in attendence were: Alvarez, Cronion, Kaeleb, Lexine (Super Troopers), Lomo, Shadei, Tenara, and Xann.

For KP we got past the G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator for the first time, and took on that fat bastard Karagga, and stuck it to the Hutt Cartel by defeating him. WAY TO GO TEAM!!! Members in attendence for that were Alvarez, Cronion, Kaeleb, Lexine (Super Troopers), Lomo, Shadei, Snipah (Samsara), and Xann.

Once again, fabulous night folks! Now to duplicate.

Kaeleb Darkseer
Knight of the Old Republic
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